SSRS Tip – Formatting data as a percent

Formatting data within SSRS is fairly easy, for each field there is a format property. By referencing and applying the standard format strings (link below), converting data to something like a percent is simple. The percent is symbolized by a “P” . This reporting case was a little different, as the data was provided as numeric and provided as a percentage. If I used the percentage symbol, the data would have been converted to something much larger; 2700.00 %, instead of the more realistic 27.00 % (example below).

Additionally, there was a need to format the numeric data to a Fixed decimal, with 2 decimal places (hint: format code = “F2”)


To solve this issue, in design mode, right click the field, select Expression… use the expression builder property sheet, we first format the numeric field to fixed decimal, 2 decimal places, then append the percent sign.

In somewhat symbolic language, it looks like this:

= FORMAT ( <field>, “FormatCode”) & “ %”

Applied to the actual field:





Standard Numeric Format Strings

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