How to monitor Windows Server memory usage

In the last blog entry:

Configuring SQL Server memory for ConfigMgr 2012

I’ve covered how to configure SQL Server to not monopolize Server memory. Thought it would be useful to further define how to monitor the memory usage and provide a real life example.

For monitoring, here are a few options:

– System Operations Manager 2012

– Performance Monitor – either dynamic, or log activity

– Task manager

For a quick check on how well a server is managing its memory stack, I’ll usually just open Task Manager and select the Performance tab.

In the following real world example; this dedicated SQL Server had a total of 98GB of memory installed, and SQL Server had been allowed to use 96GB of memory. If you check the Physical Memory (MB) section, you can see that this server is only showing 33 MB! of Free memory. Finally, check the highlighted “Physical Memory” (bottom), showing Physical Memory: 99%. Page file is being used in this scenario.


Recommendation was to add additional memory, then adjust the SQL Server max memory setting.

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