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Changes in Configuration Manager Backup Strategy

Starting with Configuration Manager 1511 and later, you’ll want to include the CD.Latest folder in your files backup. The site maintenance task backup will include this folder as part of its backup. Now, if we could only use SQL … Continue reading

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PXE Boot issues – BCD Error 98

Discovered an interesting WDS PXE boot issue after upgrading to CM 2012 R2 Sp1. Side Note: it appears that this issue may have occurred before the upgrade, based on forum posts, it seems to be fairly common. May not be … Continue reading

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Manually Installing the CM client

For a recent POC (Proof of Concept) production deployment, I needed to manually install the Configuration Client on several clients in an environment where Active Directory schema had not been extended. After working out the command line details, I thought … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting client install on a site server

Had some difficulties today installing the CM client on a new site server. Now, part of the issue may have been caused by AD schema extensions not yet installed. However, the client should install. Here is the error from the: … Continue reading

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