Manually Installing the CM client

For a recent POC (Proof of Concept) production deployment, I needed to manually install the Configuration Client on several clients in an environment where Active Directory schema had not been extended.

After working out the command line details, I thought I’d share them here. Additionally, I had enabled a Fallback Status Point (recommended).

On the client you plan to install, open a command prompt and copy/paste the following in one line (editing the site server, MP information as below):

\\<SiteServerName>\SMS_<SiteCode>\Client\ccmsetup.exe /source:"\\<SiteServerName>\SMS_<SiteCode>\Client" /MP:<SiteServerFQDN> SMSSITECODE=<SiteCode> FSP=<SiteServerName>

<SiteServerName> = Site Server NETBIOS name

<SiteServerFQDN> = Site Server FQDN

<SiteCode> = Three character site code

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