PXE Boot issues – BCD Error 98

Discovered an interesting WDS PXE boot issue after upgrading to CM 2012 R2 Sp1.

Side Note: it appears that this issue may have occurred before the upgrade, based on forum posts, it seems to be fairly common. May not be strictly version dependent.

When starting the OSD process, and attempting to LAN boot it would fail, before it launches PXE with the following error:

Recovery – Your PC needs to be repaired
File: \Tmp\x86x64{GUID}.bcd

Error code: 0xc0000098

Screen shot here:


Created new boot images with MDT, used the proper WinPE 5.1 drivers. Still failed.

Tried the following, with no change in behavior.

  • untick the enable PXE checkbox on the distribution point. Answer yes that you want to remove the Windows Deployment service.
  • remove boot images from your distribution point, then delete %windir%\temp
  • check with server manager. If WDS is done uninstalling there is a reboot pending. Reboot.
  • check if the remoteinstall folder is located on your system.
  • If it fails to delete due to permission issues with the SMSTempBootFiles path, delete all folders except that one and then rename the remoteinstall folder something else.
  • reboot
  • Add the PXE point again by checking the box on the distribution point properties.
  • Check the distrmgr.log and see if the remoteinstall folder reappears..
  • Replicate the boot image to the DP again.  After they land you can try running an F12 and it should roll smoothly.

From <https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/628123-sccm-2012-r2-pxe-boot-fails-bcd-error-0xc98>

Gerry has a similar process here:


What we finally discovered, the SMS Agent Host service on the site server running WDS and the MP had stopped.

The CCMExec.log had the following clues:


Manually starting the the SMS Agent Host service allowed the WDS/PXE process to start working again! It must be that dependencies exist between the SMS Agent Host service, the MP and WDS.

Once we were aware of the service stopping, we monitored and watched it suddenly stop a few more times one afternoon. It would manually start though…

Once we upgraded the site server to CM 2012 R2 Sp1 CU2 appears to correct the SMS Agent Host service issue. The release notes make no mention of this fix.

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