Intune – Mobile Application Management policy

What are Mobile Application Management policies?

According to Microsoft:

Mobile application management policies in Microsoft Intune let you modify the functionality of apps that you deploy to help bring them into line with your company compliance and security policies. For example, you can restrict cut, copy and paste operations within a managed app, or configure an app to open all web links inside a managed browser.


For example; when you first attempt to deploy a managed application, such as Skype for Business, you may receive the following informational dialog.

"The software you are trying to deploy must be associated with a mobile app management policy and there are currently none defined. Create a policy from the Policy workspace."


Application Policy Informational

To create an Application policy (sometimes called MAM), choose New Policy, then Mobile Application Management (platform), then choose Create a policy with the recommended settings, click Create Policy.

Note: This policy is not deployed, it will be associated with a subsequent app deployment. Also, note the available Managed Browser policies.


Policy – Create Mobile Application Management

Resultant MAM policy.


Policy – Mobile Application Management

The only modification made to the default MAM policy, was allow the device settings to control the encryption.


Policy – Mobile Application Management Properties

Now we are ready to Deploy Skype for Business. This application was deployed using the standard process. At the Mobile App Management step, associate the app with the App Management Policy, created in the last step. Click Next, through to Finish.


Deployment – with MAM policy


Configure and deploy mobile application management policies in the Microsoft Intune console

Multi-Identity and Mobile App Management with Microsoft Intune

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