Azure SQL Migration Tools

In preparing a presentation for data migration to Azure, thought I’d share some of my research. There are other methods not specified here, but this should be a good start! Each toolset includes notes about that tool, and where to find it.

SQL Server Management Studio – Migration Wizard

•Built into core SSMS


Data Migration Assistant

•Enables assessment of your on-premises SQL Server instance migrating to Azure SQL databases


•Migration blocking issues

•Partially or unsupported features and functions


SQL Server Migration Assistant

•Supports migration for Oracle, MySQL, SAP ASE (formerly SAP Sybase ASE), DB2 and Access

•Lets users convert database schema to Microsoft SQL Server schema, upload the schema, and migrate data to the target SQL Server


Azure Data Factory Copy Wizard

•Data Factory is a cloud-based data integration service that orchestrates and automates the movement and transformation of data

•Can be incredibly fast


SQL Database Migration wizard

•Can be useful for validation


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1 Response to Azure SQL Migration Tools

  1. Chris Randle says:

    SQL Azure Migration Wizard is replaced with the Data Migration Assistant (DMA)

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