Supported SQL Server versions for SCCM CB upgrades

Had a question recently on what version of SQL Server is supported for upgrade to SCCM CB (current branch). Scenario was this; client was running SQL 2012 SP2 for their SCCM 2012 R2. However, in order to upgrade to SCCM  CB, they needed to be at a minimum SQL version of SQL 2012 SP3.

Then, the question became, can I just upgrade to SQL Server 2016 and skip an upgrade step?

Not with the SCCM version in place, this would probably break SCCM 2012 R2. In this case, I’d recommend installing SQL 2012 SP3. Upgrade SCCM to CB 1702 (or later), then upgrade SQL Server 2016.

Reference the SCCM / SQL Server compatibly version matrix for the details.

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4 Responses to Supported SQL Server versions for SCCM CB upgrades

  1. Don says:

    Any recommended steps to go from System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 build 7804 with SQL Server 2012 w/SP1 to CB? Thanks!

  2. Don says:

    Thanks for the reply. Since our SCCM install is on Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1, and it appears that it’s no longer supported for 1702 for the site server and other roles, I’m reading we can do an in-place upgrade to Windows 2012 R2 perhaps and then apply the 1702 update from SCCM 2012 SP1? Or do we need to upgrade to 1602 first, then upgrade Windows 2012 R2, and then subsequently apply 1702? Also looks like I’ll need to get the right sequence to update SQL 2012 SP1 to SP3?

  3. Don says:

    We ended up upgrading to 1606, then Windows 2012 R2 along with SQL 2012 SP3 and finally 1702. So far so good…

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