How to apply a SQL Server update for ConfigMgr

    This example is used to illustrate applying the latest SQL Cumulative Update to SQL 2016, this CM Site server happens to be running current branch 1710. This same process would be used to update SQL Server with a service pack as well.


    SQL Backup – double check that you have a recent SQL Server backup for CM. That is, something that is less than 24 hours old.

    Update Center for Microsoft SQL Server – if you don’t have this site bookmarked, you should. At this time, the latest SQL Server 2016 update is CU7. Download that update from the download page.


    Optionally, you can extract this update by using the <updatename>.exe /X

    Note: I tend to extract if I need to perform more than one update

    Plan for a SQL Server restart. Before running the update, Stop SCCM Services. (helps avoid contention and speeds up the process.

    On the CM Site server, stop the following services:


    On the SQL Server, from the folder you have downloaded update – the Right click, run as admin


    Agree to license terms, click Next


    Default settings, Click Next


    Wait for file in use check…


    Click Next


    Click Update


    Review completed changes, close.


    I prefer to reboot the SQL Server at this time for the updated binaries to take effect, and services will restart. If CM is collocated, then these services will also restart. If CM is not collocated, then restart the services or the server to complete.

    Once SQL Server restarts, open SQL Server Management Studio, as a query run

    Select @@VERSION

    to validate latest version.


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