SCCM High Availability Role

At MMS2018, one of the more interesting items was the introduction of the new SCCM HA Role (hint: this is in 1805 TP).

Now, it could be that I’m only slightly partial, given that it was one of sessions that I jointly presented with Kerim Hanif and Benjamin Reynolds.

After we got done covering the existing SCCM High Availability capabilities (good background here); Kerim did a great job describing and demonstrating this role.

If we examine the following architecture:


You’ll note that the content library was moved to an SMB share (one additional step to make this HA and new functionality). Also, note that SQL Server Always On Availability Groups are added for SQL HA.

Another Server (Primary2) is added to the SCCM hierarchy with the new Site Server HA role added. Initially, it will be operating in Passive Mode.

Tip: this approach can be used to rename a site server, or upgrade the site server OS!

Once the new role, on the new server, is running the original SCCM site will operate in Active mode.


The process to promote (failover) from Primary1 to Primary2 is presently manual, and the net result will be the second server will now be operating in Active Mode.


This framework opens a lot of possibilities for future enhancements in the realm of High Availability!

When time permits, I’ll cover the steps involved in taking advantage of this functionality.

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4 Responses to SCCM High Availability Role

  1. Do you know if SQL AOAG will be a requirement for SCCM HA? Or is having the DB on a single SQL instance on a remote SQL server enough? Thanks.

    • ConfigMgrMVP says:

      SCCM HA for SQL can be accomplished with SQL AOAG, or SQL running on an Failover Cluster Instance. The second question; you may not need SQL HA – is it enough? What does your DR recovery plan look like? What are your SLAs?

      • Our current HA and DR is sufficient, I ask because I’m not interested in HA as such. I intend to use the HA feature to rename my primary site server and move it to another datacenter. So although I’ll be setting up HA, I intend to undo it again by removing the original Primary Site Server afterwards, hence I don’t want to change the SQL setup if I don’t have to.

      • ConfigMgrMVP says:

        Renaming a site server, or upgrading a site server OS are valid reasons to use SCCM HA as mentioned in the blog. Do you have to use SQL HA to use SCCM HA? No, two totally separate things.

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