SQL Server recommendations for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager environment Whitepaper Review

The team at Microsoft has done a great job in outlining many of the important SQL Server settings for MEMCM.

If you have not read it, I recommend downloading, reading and implementing these settings.

Update [6-2020]: Here is the latest version of the SQL recommendations for MEMCM Technet gallery will be deprecated, use this link…

There are few things I noticed that I’d do a little differently. I’m not saying that the white paper is wrong, rather DBAs usually have their own opinion about how things should be configured.


Memory – per the whitepaper it is good to cap the max memory SQL Server will use.  Additionally, set a minimum memory for SQL as well. Recommend 8GB – enter as 8192 MB. [Note]: corrected in the latest version!

TempDB files – completely agree that you need more for MEMCM. Start with 8 tempdb files, of equal size… adjust number up or down as needed. Sizing calculator is included in the following link as well.

Reference: Properly size SQL Server TempDB for ConfigMgr

Index Tuning and Optimization – do not use the SQL maintenance plan. I’m glad they include Ola Hallengrens open source Maintenance Script. Here is how I recommend configuring the Agent job…

Reference: Optimizing SCCM Databases Revisited

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