System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager: A Practical Handbook for Reporting


Practical Handbook for Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Reporting This book is for IT professionals that need to take their reporting to the next level. The focus of this guide is a practical approach to modify, create and build reports within SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). While intended for Configuration Manager 2012 Administrators, there are many concepts in this practical handbook that will provide value for anyone that requires additional knowledge of SSRS. In addition to well-proven step-by-step guides, you also get access to sample scripts and source code, allowing you to quickly test the solutions in your own environment.

The cover art – the Rialto Bridge, built of stone and completed in 1591, facilitated commerce and transfer of goods across the Grand Canal in Venice. In a similar manner, this bridge is a symbol for this practical handbook. In that, it is meant to facilitate the transfer of knowledge of report building, taking you from requirements to completion.

Discover how to

  • Setup ConfigMgr 2012 R2 for SSRS
  • How to locate information in the Configuration Manager Database
  • Compare and contrast Report Authoring Tools
  • Select the right Report Authoring Tool
  • Customize existing reports with Report Builder
  • Create a Report with SQL Server Data Tools
  • Modify a Report with SQL Server Data Tools
  • Create Advanced reporting solutions
  • Custom reporting on extended hardware inventory
  • Techniques to simplify report data display
  • Create Linked reports
  • Report on databases other than Configuration Manager
  • Deploy a solution that tracks and reports on historical client data
  • Implement advanced index and statistic optimization
  • Create and manage report subscriptions

Selected Review:

Great resource for SCCM Reporting

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading through the SCCM reporting handbook. I’ve been waiting for something like this for quite some time as the information on the web is quite desperate and often not mindful of SCCM. This book really ties together all the necessary parts needed and gives the right level of foundational knowledge. The knowledge gained has enabled me to create something that will add a lot of value to my organization. There’s so much data available in SCCM and this book will help make the most of it. Data like this can really help drive a lot of business decisions if it’s used wisely.”