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SQL Backup to URL (Azure Storage account)

How to backup up a copy of an on premise database, or Azure SQL Server database to an Azure Storage account. Notes: Any names that need to be added at time of creation are indicated with <>, such as <sqlstorageaccountname> … Continue reading

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Azure SQL Migration Tools

In preparing a presentation for data migration to Azure, thought I’d share some of my research. There are other methods not specified here, but this should be a good start! Each toolset includes notes about that tool, and where to … Continue reading

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SCCM File Backup Considerations

Everyone (hopefully) is aware that the SCCM database needs to be backed up. And, that there a number of other components that need to be backed up in order to have everything on hand in case there is a need … Continue reading

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Top 5 blog posts for 2016

Read another post of top 5 blog posts… thank you for viewing my work. SQL Server Backup Recommendations for Configuration Manager Optimizing ConfigMgr databases Running Powershell as an SQL Server Agent task How to recover a ConfigMgr … Continue reading

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Optimizing SCCM Databases Revisited

Since Optimizing ConfigMgr databases was published in May 2013, I have received some tremendous feedback, all positive. The basics of that original post have not changed, Ola Hallengrens Index Optimization scripts, hands down, is the best solution for 99% of … Continue reading

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Why you should not use the ConfigMgr rebuild index task

Rebuilding the database indexes is a good thing, yes? Absolutely. Why not use the ConfigMgr rebuild index maintenance task? When the maintenance task works, and I have proof that some of the time it fails to run on ConfigMgr: It … Continue reading

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SQL Server MAXDOP and effect on ConfigMgr

What is MAXDOP? SQL Server MAX Degree Of Parallelism (MAXDOP) configuration option controls the number of processors that are used for the execution of a query in a parallel plan. This option determines the computing and thread resources that are … Continue reading

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